Wall Mounted Banners

Banner is attached directly and flat against the wall . This could involve frames, eyebolts, Velcro , screws, padeyes or numerous other methods depending on the structural needs and the aesthetic look required.

Park Shops wall banners
on aluminum frames with concealed lacing rods
and hinged side closure panels

Alley theatre
Houston, Texas
Appliqued Nylon

Republic Bank
Houston, Texas
Appliqued Nylon

Glassel School Entrance banner
digital printed vinyl

MFAH South entrance
digital printed vinyl banners

Houston Ballet digital printed vinyl banner
stretched on concealed lacing rod frame

Museum Banners
digital color vinyl

Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston
30x14 foot

Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston
30x14 foot

United Way 20ft x 30 ft
Appliqued nylon on Mesh

Norton Ditto 12x12 ft
appliqued nylon on frame with concealed fastener

Museum Of FineArt Houston 40x14 foot
appliqued nylon and 3M Scotchprint Insert

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