About Us

Bannerscapes was founded in 1987 and was trademarked in 1991. It was first introduced at the International ICSC Convention in Las Vegas in 1988. The focus of the company was (and is) to provide custom architectural banners to Environmental Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Architects, Graphic Designers, Advertising agencies, and building managers, developers and owners. We felt that there was a large gap in the supply for aesthetically pleasing banners for buildings that combined a needed sensitivity to the look and feel of a space or the exterior of a building. The banners had to be built strong for the local wind loads and be functional and have low maintenance. The owner, Ron Kronberg, has a degree in Architecture and had spent years studying the uses of fabric and Architecture around the buildings and people spaces in the world and wanted to bring his knowledge and experience together and provide advice solutions and products that reflected all of that.

Bannerscapes today is a full service company dedicated to the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Fine Architectural Banners. Our commitment is to help you bring your property, your people and your customers to life.

Full In-House Service

Complete Planning, Design, Production and Technical Services all under one roof. All facets of our work can be handled by in-house personnel. Also at our disposal are commissioned Banner and Graphic Specialists.

We will gladly work with your Graphic and Design personnel, help write specifications and supervise or instruct on the installation should you prefer to have us supply finished product only.

Fabric and Colors

Numerous fabrics are available. The most popular fabric is a 3 oz. nylon which has a wonderful array of 45 colors. We are constantly adding new colors to our palette and can provide custom colors for large orders. Bannerscapes also has a full range of colors in both polyesters and acrylics. Each project has different needs and variables that come into play. We can offer a selection that will best suit your needs.

Fire Retardant Materials

Most fabrics have flame retardant treatments available, while many fabrics are inherently flame resistant.


Each job is fabricated by our own seamstresses in our Houston facility. Close scrutiny is kept to offer you the very best quality product possible. Wind loads, longevity and ease of achieving the best looking installation are always our top priority.


We have a wide selection of mounting hardware available in steel, brass, fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum. Attachments are designed for safety, appearance and strength.